Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's On Andy Pettitte's Mind?

Andy Pettitte has spent his off season at his family home in Deer Park, Texas.  At the end of the last season, Pettitte stated that he felt that he may have played his last game in a professional uniform.  Over the passed couple of years, he has toyed with the idea of retirement but this year he seems to be leaning towards hanging it up more than past years.  

The problem is, losing Pettitte would be losing the greatest post season pitcher ever.  That would seriously hurt the Yankees especially if they do not win the Cliff Lee sweepstakes.  

Pettitte has insisted Brian Cashman do everything in his power to sign Lee.  Leading everyone to believe that Pettitte's plans are contingent on what Lee does.  The real question is, how will the Lee signing affect Pettitte's plans.

You can look at it two ways. It's possible that Andy Pettitte feels that with the acquisition of Lee, the Yankees have a good chance for the quest to the club's 28th Championship.  If that is the case, Pettitte may feel it worth his wild to return and win one more ring.

The other possibility is that Pettitte does not feel right about retiring if he knows it will drastically hurt the Yankees for next season.  If the Yankees do acquire Lee, the Yankees would be in a much better position allowing Pettitte the peace of mind to retire.  It is unclear which is the case, but either way, the Yankees should know more when Lee makes his decision tomorrow. 

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