Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cash Can't Help Cashman

     What Happens when the Yankee checkbook fails to cash a check?
Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Cliff Lee turned down the Yankees' offer by the Phillies.
Even living under a rock is no excuse given Lee's hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.  So what is next for the Empire State Superpower?  Because of this years shallow pool of big name free agents paired with Lee's slow decision-making process, the Yankees are left unable to write a big check to solve their off-season problems.

The Yankees pride themselves on keeping everyone very aware of what they are capable of.  No lead is ever safe when dealing with the New York Yankees.  However, it seems people easily forget why Brian Cashman holds the position he does.  Cashman is a very good general manager who is blessed with having a checkbook with the interlocking NY.

Cashman has already made several moves to bolster the team.  It seems that the new objective is to make a whole bunch of minor changes rather than making one big move.  The Yankees are now looking at the open market in a whole new way.  They have all the resources in the world and they will use them.  Expect Cashman to stay low key and retool quietly.  The goal seems to be to have as many options as possible by the time the season starts.

A trade for a big name pitcher is not out of the question considering the wealth of young talent the team has to propose.  However, the team will most likely take their time in deciding on shipping off the youth of the organization.

Word is expected to come from Andy Pettitte in the next few days on whether he will return for a 14th season in pinstripes.  The team is optimistic but being cautious and delicate with the situation.

If Pettitte signs with the team, that puts them in much better shape.  There are others the Yankees are interested in.  Carlos Zambrano is being talked about because of the potential he has to have a rebound season and his comfort level with former Cubs pitching coach and new Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschilds.  Also expect the Yankees to add another outfielder/righty bat.

Do not expect the Yankees to let the off-season pass them by.  Under no circumstances is the AL East out of the reach of New York.

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