Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Sox sign Carl Crawford to Record Deal

In a spectacular move to bolster their lineup, the Boston Red Sox stealthily worked out a deal with prized free agent outfielder: Carl Crawford.  Crawford has reportedly agreed to a deal that will pay him $142 million over 7 years.  This makes Crawford the highest paid outfielder in the history of Baseball.

Let's first look at what this does for the remaining free agent market.  The Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, originally said the Crawford deal would not affect the offer presented to Cliff Lee's agent; Derek Braunecker.  However, a short time later, the Yankees increased their formal offer of six years to include a seventh year.  This may bump Lee passed the mark of the C.C. Sabathia deal.  With Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford signing large seven year agreements, it is unlikely that Lee would settle for any less. 

The Angels had the rug pulled from under them with this deal being made.  They were viewed as the favorites to sign Crawford and now are left with very few options in the free agent pool.  Teams like the Yankees and Angels who were looking to add a big bat to the lineup, may have to result to trades to do so.  One thing is for sure. With the acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, the Sox are doing everything in their power to retool and field a playoff ready team in '11.  They are also not finished with off season moves, as they are currently in a battle for catching veteran Russell Martin with the Yankees.  

As of right now, it's looking like the Red Sox are stealing the show in the winter meetings this year.  But one thing I've learned is whether you are talking about regular season, post season or off season, never count out the Yankees.


  1. hes the second highest paid in mlb history behind manny ramirez..from his deal in 08-09 from the dodgers

  2. Fact. Second highest paid outfielder. However, Largest contract for an outfielder.