Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lee Saga Continues

And the Saga continues.  The latest word on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes is that the Rangers are sending a contingent to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet with Lee and agent Darek Braunecker.  This will mark the team's third visit to the pitcher's home town.  It is unclear what this actually means.  It could mean that the Rangers are taking one last shot at getting Lee on their page or it could mean that Lee is leaning towards the Rangers and this is to work out a final deal.  

As of right now, it is known that the Yankees have a 7 year offer on the table but Rangers President, Nolan Ryan, refuses to give up so easily.  Before Braunecker departed from the winter meetings, Ryan asked him to give them a number.  He wants to know what it will take to resign Lee. Any details further than that are still unclear but I would be shocked if the world did not hear something soon.  It sure must be good to be Cliff Lee

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