Saturday, December 18, 2010

It May Be Time To Talk Greinke

As options seem to be wearing thin for decent help on the starting pitching front.  And with recent news of Zack Greinke's mission to get out of Kansas City.  It may be time for the Yankees to start seriously start considering the 2009 Cy Young.  

There have been questions to whether or not Greinke can pitch in New York, or for any big market team.  He has admitted to having struggled with Social Anxiety Disorder.  He even has a no-trade clause in his contract making him ineligible to be traded to teams such as the Yankees or Red Sox.  However, he can choose to waive that clause and be traded to a contending team.

It's time to start looking for answers to the big question.  What will it take for Greinke to succeed in the Big Apple?  It seems necessary to explore the options in this scenario.  No one can argue, Greinke's is the arm the Yankees need to combat the monstrous off-season the Red Sox have had.  Even if it takes hiring his own personal counselor.  It would be a small price to pay for landing a big arm.

There is nothing wrong with the team the Yankees are able to field at the moment.  They are a very good team.  But the fact is, the Red Sox have made if very difficult to make the playoffs with simply a good team.  The Yanks' rivals have made their line-up seemingly unstoppable, at least on paper.  So the only way to combat that is by landing GREAT pitching, not just good pitching.  The Yankees took a step in the right direction in acquiring the durable reliever, Pedro Feliciano.  He adds excellent depth to the bullpen.  However, they still lack a set up man and additional starters.

Greinke seems to be the Yanks best shot. Lets see what it takes to get the deal done.

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