Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sports Illiterate

The sports publication "Sports Illustrated" has once again proved that they are not interested in what is really going on in baseball. If there ever was a magazine that wrote about facts and current events, SI might go out of business.

Instead of focusing on real stories to circulate their magazine, they rely on horrible predictions, tabloid-like gossip and apparently, anonymous polls. Forget about the fact that every year they predict the Twins will beat the Yankees in the playoffs, and it never happens. The editors over at SI put out an anonymous poll of the most over rated players in Baseball.

The poll is said to be the results of asking 185 players around the league. Now the fact that three Yankees round out the top 3 is annoying enough. Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest players to play the game but yeah, he's over rated. That makes plenty of sense. Joba was number two on the list and I fail to see how a relief pitcher is over rated. The man hasn't been hyped up since 07 when he was a rookie phenom. And of course, Derek Jeter makes the list at number three. Jeter being the greatest Yankee hitter of all time and a man that wears 5 rings, over rated.

Sounds to me like the Yankees aren't very well liked around the league and that's fine. But to stoop to such a juvenile level is absurd. Shame on SI for conducting a poll of this nature but its to be expected when the publication itself is HIGHLY over rated. Most of all though, shame on the 185 players that took part in cowardly attacking their peers and hiding in anonymity while doing it.

Might I add that all three players handled their rankings with class. A-Rod said that he had made the list before and that it doesn't bother him. When asked if he was among the 185 players polled he said that he had too much respect for his fellow players to ever partake in something like that.

Joba joked about it by saying that he was disappointed that A-Rod beat him out for number 1. And Jeter just shrugged and asked if "we were doing this again?"

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. What ridiculous thing will they think of next?
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  1. Unfortunately without useless tabloids the magazine wouldn't sell. People need to be fed half truths in order be interested. The print industry is basically dead, the online industry makes it very easy to look up facts and stats so putting them in a magazine wouldn't do it any good.

    I'm not defending these jokers by any means, but with everyone trying to make a buck and stay in business...can you blame them for picking the number one sports franchise in history to pick on?

  2. It's true, it's def a good way of selling some subscriptions but being a real Baseball fan...I'd much rather read a story about the great season the Indians are having. It's like SI only employs 5th graders.

  3. An apparently doctors (since they always seem to have last month's copy in their waiting rooms)