Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As some of you might know, yesterday was flag day. So, having tickets for the Yankee game, I decided to buy a small flag at Duane Reade. Little did I know that I was setting myself up for an altercation I will never forget.

As my friend and I were entering the stadium, a Securitas security guard informed me that I was not allowed to bring the AMERICAN FLAG into the stadium. When I asked why I couldn't bring in the flag on Flag Day, I was told " you just can't." He told me he was confiscating the flag and I asked what he was going to do with it. He told me he would give it to his supervisor. I asked if he was sure that his supervisor would end up with it. The guard then became very rude and told me that he wasn't going to give the flag as a gift to a family member. I explained that I just wanted to make sure it didn't end up in the trash considering it is an American Flag.

He did not respond to my statement and instead told me that my two choices were to quiet down and go inside or to leave. At this time, I demanded my flag back and walked over to a traffic cone and placed the flag in the traffic cone. I then walked inside.

Outraged over the whole situation, I asked a security guard inside why flags were not allowed in. He told me that they were allowed in but just not on the stick. Had I been told this by the guard at the gate, I could have easily removed the flag from the stick. I told the security guard I was currently speaking with about my run in at the gate. He instructed me to respectfully ask for their names while leaving and then write a letter about the issue to the Yankees.

So after the game, I did just that. I calmly approached the guard at the gate and asked him for his name. When he asked why, I explained that I intended to write the Yankees about the issue. He refused to give his name.

I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he pointed me to him. I explained to the supervisor what my intentions were and asked his name. He told me his name is Wendell. When I asked for a last name, he told me that Wendell was all I would get. So as I typed on my phone "Wendell from Securitas," another guard had walked over and sarcastically and insultingly started slowly giving me the spelling of "Wendell." I responded by getting my first attitude of the night. I said "I can fucking spell buddy, thank you." I then turned to leave.

In my mind, the situation was over, it didn't benefit me or anyone else to continue to talk about the topic. I had taken a step out of Yankee Stadium when the security guard who was sarcastically spelling decided to get tough. He yelled out as I was already walking away "That's right! Don't get fucking smacked!"

My head whipped around and I shouted "Who's going to smack me? You?" He then insisted that he would smack me in the face. All the while instead of doing his job, the supervisor tried to lie to me and tell me that he had said "don't get smart."
I demanded that a police officer come over. The officer came over and I told her everything from A-Z. She told me that she did not hear him say he was going to slap me and asked if I was leaving, I told her I had already turned to leave when the guard got tough. I then informed all the guards that their office, the Yankees and the news would all be notified of their behavior.
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