Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last night in the Bronx, the Yankees came back from a 7-0 deficit to beat the Red Sox in what surely looked like another crushing defeat. Instead, the Bombers seized opportunity and turned it into the biggest win of the season.

That's what the papers could have looked like this morning. Hell, that's what the papers should have looked like this morning. Maybe had Martin's back not locked up the night before, we could have had him in there instead of Cervelli. But Cervelli went 3 for 3 with 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. Ok, maybe if Posada was with the team last night instead of with his family, A-Rod wouldn't have had to DH and Nunez would have never been in the game. Oh but Nunez had a big hit and a run scored. Well maybe if Joba wasn't on the DL. But Boone Logan threw three scoreless innings.


Maybe the Yankees lost another heart breaker last night because they do not have any heart as a team. AJ Burnett showed last night that he does not care to protect his hitters and further, that he doesn't care to even pitch inside. God forbid making a Red Sox hitter uncomfortable in the box. Personally I think Lance Pendleton deserves a little bit of credit. Yes, he was the guy that gave up a Solo shot followed by a 2 run shot but he was also the only guy who had the balls to come up and in on some hitters.

They have no fight, all they have is " tremendous respect for the Red Sox" according to A-Rod. A-Rod clearly doesn't realize that this isn't a time for civility and class. This is a time to get pissed off. Thus far this season, the Sox are 5-0 against the Yanks IN THE BRONX! Congratulations Bombers, you are all nothing but a chew toy to the Boston bull dogs.

Tonights game becomes a must win for the simple fact that after tonight, the Indians come to town for a 4 game set followed by the Rangers for 3 games. This home stand is not getting any easier and the Yanks need to start playing better at home. This team better start showing some heart, because June or October, winning is very difficult without it.

SIDE NOTE: With Joba, Feliciano, Soriano and Marte all on the DL, it is time to bring up Banuelos and Betances and see what these kids can do. A bullpen equipped with Pendleton, Ayala, Sanit and Logan will not get it done for the month that Joba will be gone.
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