Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Valentines Day is approaching. While kids are in school hoping they get the most Valentine requests and women are at their offices hoping for a special delivery, the Yankees will be hoping to see a special someone as well. The Yankees are hoping Andy Pettitte accepts their request to pitch in 2011. With Pettitte on the staff, the Yankees who were eliminated in game 6 of last years ALCS, pose much more of a threat due to recent additions to the bullpen.

The Yanks signed Bartolo Colon last week in a deal that is low risk and high reward. However, this week, the team made another move bringing Freddy Garcia to New York. Garcia also inked a minor league deal but if he makes the club and recieves all incentives, he can make $5.1 million. It seems that the the team is preparing for the worst from Pettitte.

The Garcia deal could mean bad news on the Pettitte front, if the Yankees know something we don't. It is Jon Heyman's opinion that although this could potentially mean bad news, ultimately Pettitte will return to pitch this season.

Whatever happens between now and Febuary 14th, one thing is for sure. The anticipation is driving Yankee die hards crazy. If Pettitte doesn't return, the Yanks must hope they have caught lightning in a bottle with either one of their low risk acquisitions or their youngsters on the rise.
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