Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cashman's Timely Exit

It may be time for Brian Cashman to consider another team to run. Cashman has had a long, successful career with the Yankees dating back to a 1987 internship. He has helped build 5 championship teams and 7 pennant winning teams. No one can argue the fact that Cashman has done an incredible job for the Yanks. So why would it be time for him to leave?

When you are no longer happy in what you do, it becomes very difficult to hide your discontent. Cashman has made a few indications recently that he is unhappy with his position as General Manager. First with the overly public negotiations regarding Derek Jeter's contract. The next came when he publicly declined being in support of the Rafael Soriano acquisition, and now most recently stating that he could see Jeter moving to the outfield before the end of his contract.

Cashman later said that he was only speaking hypothetically and that he was simply addressing a question posed by a fan. However, Cashman's disregard for Jeter's "behind closed doors" mentality shows that the GM simply does not care about salvaging a friendship with the beloved captain. Cashman maintains that he is not here to make friends and will do whatever it takes to help this team succeed. Although, that does seem like an awfully strong statement for someone who was "just speaking hypothetically."

Cashman's contract is up at the end of this season, and it doesn't seem like it would be a shock to anyone if he leaves for greener pastures. Some believe that a small market team would be a target of Cashman. Possibly even an ownership role.

His career here has been something to marvel at but eventually, all great things come to an end.
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