Thursday, February 17, 2011


A statue of George Steinbrenner stands guard outside the spring training home of the Yankees. Tampa was the adopted home of the stern Yankee owner and his presence was known well at Legend's Field. The stadium was renamed George M Steinbrenner Field toward the end of his 80 year life. However, for the first time, the stadium that bares his name will be without him.

The Yankees are begining their first spring training without their fearless leader. At the moment, his office remains empty but his position has been filled. His sons, Hal and Hank are now in control of the team their father transformed back into a first class organization. Hal has taken the lead as managing general partner and Hank will be assisting as co-chairperson.

As the Yankees begin their 2011 campaign with many doubts, you have to wonder, are the Yankees in the same capable hands as they previously were? Would George have let the Yankees miss out on a major opportunity while letting the Red Sox succeed at several major opportunities? Maybe players are not as interested in this new management or maybe it was simply the Yankees turn to not get their way.

These are all perfectly normal thoughts to be pondering but the facts are there. The Yankees are being controlled by a man who is just as business smart and way more patient than his father (Hal), and a man who has that same fire and demand for excellence (Hank). George may be gone, but his ideas and his beliefs are still very much present.

Let us not forget about the off-season of 2009. These are the same men that pulled off the biggest off-season in Yankee history by signing CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixiera. The Yankees are in very capable hands and will continue to strive for excellence. That is, after all, what being a Yankee is all about.
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