Monday, February 14, 2011

Mid Season Answer

It's no secret that the Yankees starting rotation leaves a lot to be desired for a team with a payroll of $200 million. It is also no secret that the team plans to see what they can get out of low risk acquisitions and rookies. The plan is essentially a stall until something worth jumping at comes along. However, next year's free agent pitching market also leaves a lot to be desired.

If the Yankees get through this season with what they have only to enter an off season where Mark Buehrle and Edwin Jackson are headlining the free agent pitchers available, they may be stuck in the same exact position they are in now barring a major step up from the team's youth. The team may have to resort to something that Brian Cashman is not fond of. Trading star prospect Jesus Montero.

The best case scenario for the Yanks is King Felix. Come mid-season, if the Mariners are in last place, they may become open to the idea of trading the star ace. Hernandez is set to make $10 million from Seattle this season and he jumps up to $18 million next season. If Seattle has yet another losing season it may become possible for the Yanks to work something out.

One thing is for sure, if the Yankees look for help outside the organization, it will have to be in the form of a trade.
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