Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tired of reading about Derek Jeter? Too bad.

It has become trendy to question Derek Jeter. It has become a fad to talk about his age and his batting average from last season. Well here is a number I would like to throw in the mix; .406. That is what Jeter is hitting over the last 7 games.

For the past week and a half, Jeter has been breaking out of his slump and is now batting over .280. Now that we have seen that the Captain can still do what he has made look easy for so long, can we please stop filling out his retirement papers for him. He is about to turn 37 and his best years are likely behind him, but it is an absurd notion to think that Derek Jeter cannot still do his part to help this team win.

I expect this sort of talk from ESPN and maybe the MLB network. And I definitely expect this from the morons at Sports Illustrated (with the exception of Tom Verducci and Jon Heyman). I can even understand it when the local papers are talking bad about Jeter because I suppose it sells papers. But Yankee Universe?

I expect the Yankee faithfuls to be the voices of reason. Since when are we the type of fans to hop on a band wagon? It is up to us die hards, just as it is up to the team, to stand behind our captain.

Derek Jeter has helped our beloved Yankees to win 5 World Championships. I think he has done all that is necessary to earn our undying support. So next time someone throws a stat out there about aging short stops, remember that this is DEREK JETER we are talking about. If anyone can do it, he can.

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